Round Wood Projects

"Round wood" is the term used for projects created on the lathe.
For anyone not familiar with what a lathe is, it is basically a machine used to spin material,
in my case, it spins wood and other soft materials such as the acrylics used for making pens.

Here are a few of my Round Wood Projects:

Easter Eggs

Spalded Maple Eggs Painted Eggs Chakte Kok & Zebrawood Black Palm Eggs
Spalded Maple egg cups Chakte Kok close-up Zebrawood close-up Black Palm egg close-up
Acrylic egg on stand Hidden Egg-1 Hidden Egg-2 Hidden Egg-3


Christmas Tree Ornaments

Globe Globe group Globe group Iciciles
Mahogany Bells Bell clacker Black Walnut Angels Angel close-up
Inside / Outside Inside / Outside close-up Bird House group Bird House close-up

Other Christmas Ornaments

White table Angels White Angel wing closeup Turned wings & halo Angels Angle close-up front
Angel close-up back     Ornament Display Rack

Turned Bowls and Platters

Oak & Ash Segmented Bowl
approx 4" dia x 4" tall
Spalded Maple Bowl
approx 5" dia x 3" tall
Rude Oslonick
Whistle / dyed maple
Baby Rattle - Maple Baby Rattle - Mahogany/Maple Baby Rattle - Maple/Redheart Spinning Tops


Also be sure to check out my turned writing instruments:
Ball-points, Roller-balls, Sketch Pencils, and Custom Fountain Pens.

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