Welcome to my woodworking section! I hope you'll enjoy your visit!

The main focus of this section of my website is to share information about woodworking (both
FLAT and ROUND), woodworking tools, and various projects both completed and ongoing.

If you have any questions about any of the projects or techniques, please don't hesitate to contact me.

About woodworkers and woodworking... One of the great things about woodworking is that there are nearly as many ways of working wood as there are woodworkers. Woodworking is a hands-on craft that offers a variety of way to work wood with both power and non-powered hand-tools. There are woodworkers that have tenured under master craftsman in order to learn specific methods of doing tasks, while many have no formal training and have learn the craft on their own through research and trial and error. Some use power tools because they love the sound of running motors and the smell of saw dust in the air, while there are the minimalist that like to work wood tediously with hand-tools in quiet surroundings. The majority of woodworkers however learn on their own, and will use a variety of both power and non-powered hand tools-- whatever means that are available to them-- in order to get the job done as quickly or as efficiently as possible.

I fall into the latter category-- I have a variety of power and non-powered hand-tools, and use a variety of methods to complete a project. I've learned the craft on my own over the course of 40+ years and have learned a variety of ways to do individual tasks. Sometimes I need to get the job done quickly, and use whatever gets the job done as fast as possible. Other times I'll go in a different direction just so I can draw out the process and have more time to spend on it. Therefore I'll not always use the same method to do a task.

Because we have so many types of woodworkers, there can be more than one way of doing a task. Therefore these pages may contain some woodworking methods that other woodworkers may feel they have a better way of doing it. That's not to say either method is wrong, it's just means there are different ways to approach the same task. This is further reinforced by the fact that just about every woodworking magazine has a section dedicated to allowing woodworkers the opportunity to write in and offer their own methods on how to do a task-- and they're the most popular segment of the magazine!


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